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It is widely recognized that families’ ability to meet basic needs is the biggest determinant of their ability to lead full and healthy lives. But in many specific emergency situations, existing support structures either don’t cover or cannot act fast enough to cover an acute, unexpected financial need. Footbridge strategically supports only clients for whom our help will make a sustainable difference. Our flexible model complements existing supports, filling in gaps as the funder of last resort. Read our case stories to hear specific examples of how our approach makes a difference.

Maria Case Story Post Header

Maria’s Story

Maria, a young single mother of two, faced immense challenges in balancing full-time work and the financial strain of raising her children. With essentials like formula stretching her resources thin, Maria’s stress was palpable.

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Lynette's case story

Lynette’s Story

Lynette’s world turned upside down following an incident of domestic violence. With her husband, the primary caregiver for their child, removed from the home, Lynette faced a daunting challenge: securing childcare so she could return to work.

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Shawna’s Story

Shawna, a recent new mother, found herself struggling financially in the aftermath of unpaid maternity leave. Although her situation is unique, it reflects the reality of countless individuals facing financial challenges due to significant gaps in income.

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Brittany’s Story

Brittany, a single mother, faced dire financial stress when her daughter attempted suicide. Taking unpaid leave, she struggled with balancing bills and caring for her child. This story highlights the thin line between stability and financial hardship, especially during Poverty Awareness Month.

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Marion's Case Story Post Header

Marion’s Story

Marion’s story is a reminder that even families who have prepared for a financial crisis can still find themselves at a loss if they encounter two at the same time.

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Denise's Case Story Post Header

Denise’s Story

Denise’s story is a reminder that many in our communities are one unexpected medical emergency away from a financial crisis.

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Denae’s Case Story

Denae’s story is a reminder that many in our communities are one unexpected bill away from a financial crisis and potential eviction.

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