Lynette’s Story

Lynette’s Story

Lynette's case story

Lynette’s* world turned upside down following an incident of domestic violence. With her husband, the primary caregiver for their child, removed from the home, Lynette faced a daunting challenge: securing childcare so she could return to work. The situation left her struggling to balance the demands of single parenthood with her urgent need to find employment. Amidst this turmoil, the looming threat of losing her nearly paid-off home to foreclosure added to her distress.

A Home and Hope at Stake

Behind on her mortgage payments and unable to secure assistance due to the deed not being in her name, Lynette’s situation grew increasingly dire. Despite reaching out to multiple organizations for help, solutions remained elusive. Lynette and her daughter worried about becoming homeless, a situation that seemed impossible in the recent past.

Timely Intervention

Footbridge for Families assisted with a $2,000 payment to cover her back mortgage, they prevented foreclosure and helped stabilize Lynette’s family life. “Footbridge is the reason I still have my house. Thank you again for helping me in my time of need,” Lynette shared. This support was more than financial aid; it averted a severe crisis and gave her time to regain her footing.

An image of a quote. It reads "Unforeseen life events can rapidly shift a family’s trajectory towards financial distress".

A Financial Crisis Can Happen To Anyone

Despite having a full-time job and being the family’s breadwinner, Lynette still found herself in a financial crisis due to circumstances out of her control. This type of story gains added significance during Poverty Awareness Month, because it highlights how quickly one can find themselves on the brink of financial hardship even from a place of relative security. Her experience underscores the importance of understanding the dynamics of poverty, and how families not experiencing poverty can still be at high risk. Unforeseen life events can rapidly shift a family’s trajectory towards financial distress.

A Collective Call to Action

As Lynette rebuilds her life, her journey stands as a testament to the importance of community support. It is a call to action for continued awareness and highlights the value of community support organizations that can step in to provide targeted assistance.

* this name has been changed for privacy reasons