22-23 Impact Report

2023 was a year of growth for Footbridge for Families.

During the 2023 fiscal year, we:
– Established funding relationships with six new foundations
– Ended FY’23 with a $1.39M budget.
– And provided financial support for more than 500 families facing a crisis

We’re excited to share our latest Impact Report highlighting our work, our partnerships and our commitment.

Your contributions help to support families, donate now and/or contact us about volunteer opportunities!

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21-22 Impact Report

Referral Partners strengthen relationships with families

In this 90-second video, Kids Plus Pediatrics shares their experience using Footbridge for Families. Our Referral Partners (pediatricians, child welfare workers, and others) submit requests on behalf of families with children 18 years and younger.

“By the time our patients contact us for financial resources, it is at the critical level and the resources were needed yesterday. The type of rapid response funding that Footbridge for Families offers is both needed and necessary to assisting families with closing relatively small financial gaps that can otherwise lead to involvement with child protective services.”
– Kiva Fisher-Green, Referral Partner

Donors feel more connected to their communities

“My monthly recurring donation to Footbridge is really important to me because I know it is going to be used for those in critical need. There is great need right here in our community and Footbridge is providing a great way for all of us to really help in ways we otherwise never would have known how.”  – Lulu Orr, Monthly Donor

Community donations address needs heads-on

Let’s talk about a hypothetical mother we’ll call Sara.

Sara had a job, but no housing. She had found an apartment where she could afford monthly rent, but she had no way to come up with the additional $600 she would need as a first-month deposit. With no housing, her only option was to sleep in her car with her two children. Because she was technically homeless—because she couldn’t come up with $600, about the cost of a mattress — and had no where else to turn, child welfare was forced to remove her children and place them with a foster family at what will amount to $56,000 for six months. $56,000. There are over 200 homes currently listed in Allegheny County for less than that.

Families feel immediate relief

When you were able to help with my rent, you were able to give me a little bit of peace, a little bit of fresh air.

– Young mother with first infant

Thank you so much. This has been a never-ending maddening loop. It’s like, ok well I might be able to get help in this place, but then I can’t do that. . . I felt like a ping pong ball. Thank you so much.

– Family impacted by COVID-19

You guys really moved quick. You kept in touch with me. My landlord knew exactly who would be calling. It wasn’t a question mark in my head. [And] you didn’t treat me like I was just a person looking for a handout.

– Single mother who lost her job due to COVID-19

“On behalf of me and my family, I’m extremely grateful for the help and the assistance that you guys are providing for us. It’s, um, really hard out there. Sometimes the road of life. . .it won’t stop giving you speed bumps. I’m really grateful that they’re people like you out there to help smooth that out a little bit and give us time to catch up.”

– Single mom with three boys