Rachel’s Case Story

Rachel’s Case Story

Rachel’s* story, like many other stories of families Footbrige assists, is about a member of our local community, grappling with the aftermath of domestic violence. This is the story of Rachel, a grandmother who, against all odds, is striving to provide a safe haven for her three grandchildren.

Rachel’s Story

Rachel, once enjoying her retirement, found herself thrust into the role of primary caregiver for her three grandchildren. These children, having witnessed the unimaginable tragedy of their mother’s death, now grapple with PTSD and ADHD. With their father absent, the weight of their trauma rests squarely on Rachel’s shoulders. To add to the challenges, Rachel’s decade-old car, which still has an outstanding loan, is on the brink of breaking down. This vehicle is their lifeline, essential for the numerous therapy and doctor’s appointments the children require.

The text of the image reads, "In the face of intimate partner violence, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings often step in to fill the void, facing financial and emotional challenges of their own."

Impact on Rachel’s Life

The gravity of Rachel’s situation cannot be overstated. Her words, “It’s hard. I feel like I’m stealing from Peter to pay Paul,” resonate with the desperation many in similar situations feel. The car’s unreliability has become a significant stressor, with Rachel fearing it might break down when she needs it most. The children’s healing hinges on their ability to attend their treatment sessions, and Rachel feels the weight of this responsibility deeply.

How Footbridge Stepped In

In the midst of this storm, Footbridge for Families stepped in to assist Rachel and her grandchildren. Recognizing the urgency of Rachel’s situation, Footbridge swiftly covered the $2500 repair costs for Rachel’s car. With the vehicle fully repaired and inspected, Rachel no longer had to worry about missing crucial appointments for her grandchildren.

When Ripples Become Waves: The Extended Impact of Domestic Violence

Rachel’s story, while uniquely heartbreaking, is not an isolated one. Studies, statistics, and news articles highlight the ripple effects of domestic violence, affecting not just the immediate victims but extended family members as well. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings often step in to fill the void, facing financial and emotional challenges of their own.


Rachel’s journey, from retirement to becoming the primary caregiver for her traumatized grandchildren, underscores the broader impact of domestic violence. It’s a stark reminder of the silent battles many in our community face.

* this name has been changed for privacy reasons

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