Denae’s Case Story

Denae’s Case Story

Every family seeks the warmth of a secure home, and when housing insecurity becomes a factor it casts a long shadow. For Denae*, a childcare worker and single mother, this shadow loomed threateningly over her and her young son. At Footbridge we recognize the critical nature of this issue. It’s not just about providing shelter; it’s about securing the foundation from which families can grow and thrive.

Denae’s Story

On a pre-tax income of $1900 monthly, Denae confronted a rent hike and a sudden $450 security deposit. The math was clear: $900 for rent, $450 for the deposit, and a looming $500 gas bill. These numbers were markers of a fragile balance, threatening to tip Denae and her son into uncertainty. Although she worked 30-hours per week at a daycare, finding a way to cover the unexpected expense for the deposit on top of an already tight budget was proving to be a significant challenge.

The Threat of Eviction

The threat of eviction is a specter that haunts millions across the United States, but for Denae, it was a looming reality. The stress was palpable, as she shared in her conversation with us. Housing instability is not just about the absence of a physical structure; it’s about the loss of safety, security, and the ability to plan for the future. Denae’s situation is a stark reminder of the fragility of the working poor’s living conditions.

Timely Support

Footbridge’s timely financial assistance helped Denae prevent a potential spiral into a deeper crisis. The contribution towards the rent and security deposit was a strategic intervention, helping to stabilize the precarious situation Denae found herself in. “Footbridge helping me pay that deposit and rent helped us so much. Thank you for all your help!” Denae shared. This support allowed her the breathing room necessary to regroup and focus on sustaining her family’s future without the immediate threat of eviction.

A Common Narrative

Across the nation, families are facing similar challenges, often silently. A recent study highlights the precarious balance many of the 10.7 single-parent households maintain, with nearly half of them (47.5%) living in poverty. Denae’s narrative is echoed in the lives of countless others, underscoring the vital need our society has for rapid, gap-filling support. 

* this name has been changed for privacy reasons