Vanessa’s Case Story

Vanessa’s Case Story

Vanessa* found herself entwined in the throes of a domestic violence relationship, a situation that not only jeopardized her safety but also that of her two children. After an incident where her abuser damaged her home, Vanessa was taken to court by her landlord for the damages and subsequently asked to vacate her unit in November 2022. 

With no resources to secure a new home and her belongings significantly reduced, Vanessa and her children faced the dire reality of homelessness, relying on the temporary shelter of friends’ homes. Vanessa, a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), was unemployed but remained hopeful about securing a job once she had a stable living situation for her family. Her optimism, despite having to give away many of her belongings, remained unshaken, yet the tangible solution to her predicament seemed elusive.

A visual highlighting the story on the page. The text reads, "Intimate partner violence is not just about physical harm; it's about control, financial manipulation, and emotional torment."

The Ripple Effects

The impact of Vanessa’s situation extended beyond the immediate need for shelter. Being homeless and living with a friend who could not comprehend her trauma, Vanessa was enveloped in emotional and mental stress, a situation that undoubtedly cast shadows on her children as well. 

The instability and uncertainty of their living situation, coupled with the emotional turmoil from the violent experiences, created a precarious environment for the family. Vanessa’s primary concern was to provide a stable and secure environment for her children, a place where they could find peace and safety away from the chaos of their past.

A Beacon of Hope: Footbridge’s Intervention

Footbridge for Families stepped into Vanessa’s life at a pivotal moment, providing not just financial assistance but also a glimmer of hope amidst despair. Footbridge sent the full amount ($1000) needed for the security deposit to the Housing Authority, enabling Vanessa and her children to move into a two-bedroom public housing unit. 

This intervention was not merely a financial aid; it was a lifeline that pulled Vanessa and her children from the brink of continuous displacement, offering them a place where they could rebuild their lives, away from the shadows of violence and instability.

In Vanessa’s words, “Before receiving assistance I was stressed out and homeless. I didn’t know how I was going to pay for my security deposit. And ever since you guys did that, me and my kids have been very comfortable and happy.”

A Widespread Issue: Domestic Violence in the Spotlight

Vanessa’s story is far from unique. Countless individuals and families find themselves ensnared in the vicious cycle of domestic violence, often leading to financial instability, homelessness, and profound psychological impact. We bring these stories to the forefront, not just to highlight the struggles but to emphasize the strength, resilience, and unyielding spirit of survivors like Vanessa.


Vanessa, once entwined in a web of violence, despair, and homelessness, found a path to stability and hope through the intervention of Footbridge for Families. Her story is a testament to the profound impact that timely assistance can have on families in crisis. 

As we reflect on her journey, let us be reminded that there are numerous Vanessas in our communities, each with a story, each with a need, and each with a hope for a better tomorrow.

* this name has been changed for privacy reasons

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