Naomi’s Case Story

Naomi’s Case Story

Food insecurity is a challenge faced by countless families in our local communities. While statistics and figures can provide an overview, it’s the personal stories that truly resonate and shed light on the depth of the issue. One such story is that of Naomi*, a pregnant mother, whose challenges paint a vivid picture of the struggles many face daily.

Summary of Naomi’s Challenges

Naomi, a dedicated mother to an 8-year-old and currently expecting her second child, was forced to leave her job in childcare when she began to experience complications in her pregnancy.  This loss of income put the family in a position of juggling between paying bills and ensuring there was enough food on the table.

Naomi’s husband’s income level puts the family just outside the range where they would be eligible for state support programs. Once beneficiaries of SNAP, they no longer qualify, even though the need remains. Compounding this situation, Naomi shared a concern that her family’s current income would cause them to lose access to their current housing. “if I was to go back working… We [have] six months to move out [of] the house. Because with the housing authority… Once you make over the limit, they give you six months. Period. I mean, you have to move.”

Impact on Naomi’s Life

The financial constraints have taken a toll on Naomi’s well-being and peace of mind. The loss of income, combined with the growing needs of her family, have left her feeling stuck in a gap that’s sometimes overlooked by assistance programs. Despite being categorized as “middle class,” the reality is a daily struggle to ensure her family’s needs are met. 

Naomi shared the following regarding her challenges. “Ever since… we got married and our income changed, the state looks at us differently because a lot of programs, we don’t qualify for [them]. So, we don’t qualify for SNAP.”

The dream of owning a home and providing a stable environment for her children seems distant amidst these challenges.

How Footbridge Stepped In

Footbridge, recognizing the unique challenges faced by families like Naomi’s, offered a practical solution. Footbridge provided Naomi and her family groceries through Instacart, with a variety of store options to choose from. Footbridge’s unique and targeted assistance helped address the food insecurity challenges Naomi’s family faced. 

The Bigger Picture

Naomi’s story is a reminder of the ongoing struggle many Pennsylvanians face with food insecurity. As food banks like those in Wilkinsburg work tirelessly to meet the growing demands, it’s imperative for communities to rally together. The challenges highlighted in Naomi’s story underscore the importance of continuous awareness and action to combat food insecurity in our communities.

* this name has been changed for privacy reasons

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